The Demon Starlings

The Demon Starlings split from the Time Lords eons ago and since then have wandered the Universe in the pursuit of their avian aims.

Since the First Egg the Demon Starlings have moved from Universe to Universe, leaving when the one they were inhabiting exhibited the first signs of the energy decline leading to heat death. As the stars began to wink out more and more they always moved on.

They have forgotten how long ago it was when they discovered the secret of moving between Universes and the immortality that bestowed on them.

As they cross the threshold between Universes they, being extreme extroverts, were delighted to find they become dynamically polychromic for a time. Recording this carefully they keep the resulting video close to remind them of the constancy of change.

The Demon Starlings evolved on a planet that generated life long before Gallifrey and they have always had a somewhat patronising and yet somewhat paternalistic attitude towards humanoids. Their origins lie in a Universe that is now cold and dark and waiting for renewal.

Surveying the Aviverse, the Starlings have roamed space and looked after the interests of the many avian worlds they have encountered. At times they have intervened to forestall mammal-like insurgencies against the avian populations of a world.

Despite this they have taken an interest in the human world, the most advanced mammal dominated world they have encountered on their travels. Having a sense of humour they collect in humdrum places like car parks and open grassy places, imitating human sounds and looking busy.

Murmurations, another innovation they introduced millions of this-universe-earth-years ago, is something they are particularly proud of. Especially making shapes in the sky for watchers to interpret as objects they encounter in the world gives them great pleasure and a lot of laughs.


The Demon Starlings feel they have not been pictured anywhere near enough in human art, so they are supporting this edition of NTS, 978 unique pictures and one dynamic polychromic gif (so far) to promote themselves.

Meeting the linocut artist Billie Josef was the pivotal point for the Starlings. They were dimensioning around and their Aviship suddenly fixed on a picture on Earth. Seeing this, they asked the artist to do something bigger, something that would show off their magnificence. The Demon Starlings collection was hatched.

The Starlings are big supporters of Oiseaux Sans Frontières (OSF) and so have a tolerant and mildly supportive attitude to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the human world.

Charity Donations

To this end, the Starlings will donate 10% of any earnings from the sale of an NFT featuring themselves to OSF or the equivalent agency for birds and 10% of any earnings to MSF. They hope this support with raise the issues of human treatment of avian populations and that they will learn to treat birds better.

Evidence of these donations will be posted here and on Twitter (or Mumble as the Starlings call it) @demonstarlings to show these donations have been made.